West Coast Bays is a group of individuals interested in the 1968 through 1979 Volkswagen Bus known in the VW hobby as the Bay Window. The group is centered in Southern California, but has members from all over the world. Starting in 2019, to Join WCB is absolutely FREE! To receive our email updates please fill out the form below. That's it! If you would like to purchase a WCB T-Shirt, member decal or keychain, please visit our ONLINE STORE and check out what we have. The purpose of the club is to unite bus owners and enthusiasts, informing them of up-coming activities, as well as parts sources and service providers. If you drive one of these old VW buses, or you're interested in finding some more informationů. then this is the right place for you. Unlike other VW bus clubs out there, we don't judge if you prefer an early splitty bus, or even a later vanagon. Our motto here at WCB is simple... "Early or late, we don't discriminate". This club is open to anyone, whether you have a bus or not :)



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